BatteryBar v3.2 Beta released on August 3, 2009

Changes in BatteryBar v3.2 Beta:

  • NEW: floating toolbar version of BatteryBar available during installation.
  • NEW: Notification popup when the battery is finished charging (enable in Preferences window)
  • NEW: Battery profile data can now be stored individually per power scheme (enable in Preferences window)
  • NEW: Redesigned Preferences window
  • NEW: Automatic bug report submission to developers. When an unexpected error occurs, you have the option to submit the bug report directly to Osiris Development.
  • NEW: Option to always use alternate battery ID
  • NEW: Full battery audio alert (currently only SystemSounds.Beep)
  • NEW: Added settings ShowPercentRemainingWhenCharged and UseAlternateBatteryUniqueID
  • CHG: SettingsForm rearranged
  • CHG: SettingsForm automatically resizes to fit contents
  • FIX: Fixed default theme to reduce the minimum toolbar size
  • FIX: If no estimated time remaining value is available, show the raw time remaining (same as Windows)
  • FIX: Experimental change to licensing system to fix issue where a license is reported as already having been registered on another computer
  • FIX: PopupStatus window is closed when right-clicking on BatteryBar
  • FIX: AboutForm: Added IsBusy check before running background worker
  • FIX: SettingsForm would crash when changing to RTL language


Beta Version: 3.2 build 63

Released August 3, 2009

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